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Official Rules

The Official Rules for Half Moon Bay's Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off are as follows:

giant pumpkin weight estimator tape measure
The Official Giant Pumpkin Weight Estimator Tape Measure
  • The weigh-off is open to growers of giant competition-sized pumpkins only.
  • Pumpkins must be grown, cared for, and entered by the weigh-off contestant.
  • Each contestant is limited to having one entry (one pumpkin) weighed.
  • Pumpkins that have won prizes in any other weigh-off competitions are not eligible.
  • In the event of a tie, prize money will be distributed equally among the tied parties.
  • Decisions made by the judges are final in all cases.
  • Pumpkins must be in healthy and undamaged condition, free of rot, holes and cracks through the cavity, chemical residue, and soft spots.
  • To be classified as pumpkin, specimen must be 75% yellow/orange in color; all others will be classified as squash.
  • The vine must be trimmed to one inch from the stem. No foreign material is permitted in the weighing.
  • All pumpkins will be weighed without the use of tarps or other carrying devices.
  • Pumpkins will be classified by division based on where the specimen is grown, not the residence of the grower.
  • To receive the $30,000 world record prize, the grower must break and hold the world record at the conclusion of the Half Moon Bay weigh-off. If two or more growers happen to break the world record at Half Moon Bay, the prize money would go to the grower of the heaviest pumpkin.
  • The weigh-off will be conducted in accordance with GPC rules.
  • The winning pumpkin will remain in Half Moon Bay through the Half Moon Bay Art & Wine Festival, October 19-20, 2024.


Online registration will be available here closer to the event.


Growers are responsible for bringing their entries to the weigh-off by 7:00 a.m. Weigh-off staff will move pumpkins by forklift. ALL entries will be handled with care. Get Directions


The weighing and inspection will be officiated by the GPC and San Mateo County Department of Agriculture Office of Weights and Measures. The official weighing will be conducted using a 5-ton capacity digital scale.


This event is open to growers of giant competition-sized pumpkins only. Growers are required to pre-register online on through our Eventbrite registration page. This will help us manage and control the event and provide an accurate count of entries. Participating growers are allowed to have a limited number of family and assistants (max. 4 including grower). Your cooperation will help us run a well-organized event.

Online registration will be available here closer to the event.

palettes of weigh off contestant pumpkins

The Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off
51st Annual
Heavyweight Championship of Gargantuan Gourds

October 14, 2024 - 7am to 2pm
Main Street, Half Moon Bay, CA